December 25, 1997 - January 2, 1998

Allen Chartier

Species Accounts
     Butterflies & Moths 
     Beetles                        Lifers are in boldface, 
     Amphibians                and unusual species are underlined.


A few orchids were seen in the Bellavista area, including species of Epidendrum, Pleurothallis, Elleanthus, and Maxillaria were seen.


Several interesting and colorful species were found along the various trails at Kapawi.


Butterflies & Moths
Cabirus procas 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Caligo teucer 
Seen feeding on a bird dropping in the trail with a Morpho at Kapawi.
Callicore sp. 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza and at the Sharamentsa airstrip.
Cithaerias pyritosa 
A clear-winged species with a bright fuschia area on the hindwing, seen in forested areas at Kapawi.
Dismorphia melia 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Doxocopa clothilda 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Doxocopa laure 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Doxocopa pavonii 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza. A beautiful iridescent blue butterfly with bold orange spots on the forewing.
Exoplisia cadmeis 
Seen on a mud bank on the Rio Pastaza. A beautiful blue-banded hairstreak.
Heliconius aliphera 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Heliconius xanthocles 
At least one seen on mud on river banks, and possibly in the forest at Kapawi.
Ithomia sp. 
Many individuals, of more than one species, encountered in forested areas around Kapawi.
Marpesia crethon 
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Ruddy Dagger-wing (Marpesia petreus
Seen on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza.
Morpho peleides 
Numerous in forested areas of Kapawi. Surprisingly, two individuals were captured by hand. Normally members of this genus are difficult to approach.
Papilio lycophron 
Seen along the boardwalk from the Kapawi airstrip to the river.
Parides sp. 
Several individuals in forested areas, of more than one species.
Pierella astyoche 
An interesting dark species with white tips on the hindwings. Seen on a forested trail at Kapawi.
Urania Moth (Urania fulgens) 
Several were on a mud bank along the Rio Pastaza and many were seen flying over the river on our trips along it.


A large (3-4") Long-horned Beetle (family Cerambycidae) was found on the balcony of Bellavista Lodge.

A large aggregation of shiny blue beetles was seen on a Gunnera near Bellavista Lodge.

Several colorful species were found at Kapawi Lodge.



Many species of frogs were heard calling in the Kapawi area, but were not seen so remain unidentified. There was a "whooping" frog that sounded like one we heard in Rondonia, Brazil. One that we did recognize was a dull species of Poison-Arrow frog (Dendrobates femoralis). We saw a couple of toads (Bufo) with pointed noses, which we've seen before in South America.



Several small skinks were seen in the leaf litter along the trails at Kapawi Lodge, but none could be caught for examination.



A total of 407 species was recorded, with 42 life birds, with many species heard only. An excellent total of 298 species was recorded at Kapawi Lodge. Our first full day at Kapawi we recorded 164 species, and the second day we found 165 species. On our single dat at Bellavista and the lower areas of the Nono-Mindo Road we found 112 species.

The list of birds is too extensive to display on this page.  Click here to view the bird list and links to bird photos.


1. Long-nosed Bat (Rhynchonycteris naso) [30]
Flushed from various logs protruding from the Rio Kusutkau.
2. Fishing Bat (Noctilio leporinus) [10]
Seen every evening, well before dark, on the small lake in front of Kapawi Lodge.
3. Saddleback Tamarin (Sanguinus fuscicollis) [30]
Seen along the Kusutkau River trail and the trail behind the Kapawi airstrip, in several groups.
4. Dusky Titi Monkey (Callicebus moloch) [10]
Frequently heard at Kapawi along most of the trails. A few were seen along the Rio Pastaza.
5. Common Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciurius) [25]
All were in a single large group along the self-guiding trail behind Kapawi Lodge.
6. Red Howler Monkey (Alouatta seniculus) [5]
Heard only on one day behind the cabins at Kapawi.
7. Giant Otter (Pteroneura brasiliensis) [1]
It was quite a surpise when we found out that this species could be seen anywhere in Ecuador, and right at Kapawi! We had a wonderful close encounter (30') with one along the Rio Kusutkau.
8. Pink River Dolphin or Boutu (Inia geoffrensis) [1]
Seen briefly in the Rio Pastaza as we were returning from Sharamentsa Island at Kapawi.
9. Capybara (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) [1]
One seen briefly crossing the Kusutkau River at Kapawi.
10. Northern Amazon Red Squirrel (Sciurus igniventris) [2]
Only seen along the Kusutkau River trail at Kapawi.