Banding Data

Location Code:  OH-17
Location Desc.: OHIO, Hamilton Co., Cincinnati northwest
Latitude:  N 39 15'
Longitude:  W 084 33'
Hummer Host: -

Total banded to date: 1

2004 (1 banded)

Date Band No. Age Sex Comments
20-Mar-04 Nxx071 SY F Rufous Hummingbird!
First observed:  17-Oct-03
Last observed: 25-Mar-04

This bird was initially found 17-Oct-03 at a feeder in Leesburg, Hiland Co. where it was taken into captivity on 22-Jan-04 after being observed flying weakly, and transferred to a rehabilitation center in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co.  The bird was banded at the rehabilitation center on 20-Mar-04, and released on 25-Mar-04.  A possible healed head wound was apparent on the bird when banded.